Your New Bridle – Synthetic .v. Leather

When purchasing a new bridle there are numerous decisions to be made about the type of noseband, fancy brow bands etc but increasingly the question of whether to purchase leather or synthetic is taken into consideration.  Traditionally a bridle was made of leather but with the development of better synthetic materials many riders are considering this option.

For a great number of horse riders only the best quality leather bridle is good enough whilst others do prefer the easy cleaning and lightweight features of synthetic bridles. What are the benefits of the different materials for a bridle?

Leather has proved itself over centuries to be both hard wearing and smart and a good quality leather bridle is a long term worth while investment for a horse owner. A leather bridle will last for years and continue to look smart, however it does need to be looked after but it will remain soft and comfortable for your horse. Sometimes synthetic materials can be a bit harsh on areas that are sensitive.

A  quality leather bridle will invariably be more expensive than its synthetic counterpart, this is due to the cost of raw materials, the leather, being more expensive and also the craftsmanship required to work produce the bridle  When buying equipment for your horse always buy the best quality you can afford.

For the discipline of  endurance the equipment is required by the horse riders to be lightweight and so synthetic bridles are commonly used. It may also be of benefit to young horses for the same reason. A busy rider with limited time might find a synthetic bridle will be much quicker to clean as they can be rinsed or brushed whilst maintaining a leather bridle  in good condition requires much more care and attention.  Synthetic materials though tend not to be as durable as leather and are more likely to fray or look tired after  a period of time. Whilst this may not  compromise the functionality of the bridle it will affect the appearance of your turn out, most horse riders want to look smart even when out hacking.

When the choice has been made there are plenty of on line web sites that give the horse rider plenty of opportunities to compare prices. It is worth remembering though that cheap isn’t always the best and generally speaking you will get what you paid for.

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