Your Coffee Table As Focal Point

Everyone knows the utilitarian intent of the coffee table. They are the low surface designed to be central in a living area so all (or most) seated guests can gently lean over and place their beverage within reach. As ingenuity evolves with furniture pieces, though, their uses expand considerably, and they move beyond convenience and into the realm of beauty and style.

They are often designed with a lower shelf braced to the legs, and most often, this serves to keep books and magazines close at hand as an inviting element to the space that beckons people to have a seat. Sometimes they are built more like chests (and sometimes they are actual chests functioning as coffee tables). This is where light blankets and games tend to find themselves, hidden away from the eyes of company. Again, it is about convenience, but people deserve more than convenience; they deserve surroundings that are pleasant also to the eye.

Most commonly, coffee tables contain a floral arrangement of a sort. It is both beautiful and refreshing to see living greenery or flowers, but it is important to leave space for beverages and to not allow the foliage to extend higher than people’s eyes when they are seated near it. Many people opt for the common low-maintenance alternative of sculpture (theme being a matter of preference and material being that which complements the room nicely).

Aside from adding beauty by placing things upon the coffee table, one can make the table itself the focal point worth gazing upon. There are some types of coffee tables that have all the style and beauty in their own design; mission coffee tables and rattan coffee tables are just two styles of coffee table that are widely popular because of their visual appeal in a room.

Not only are there stunning coffee table designs on the market, but for those who prefer not to splurge, many materials are paintable or can be made paintable in a few hours or less. Draw inspiration from a decorative carpet, moving the colors up from the carpet, up the legs and across the top. Draw colors from elsewhere in the room if that is the preference, and let the imagination transform this common furniture piece into the focal point that it can be.

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