Your Building Insurance Tips Guide!

Buildings insurance can help you recover when disaster befalls you.  Buildings and contents insurance protects your goods as well.

1] Countries regulate their insurance agents to protect you.  This helps to promote standardization and insures that they know what they are talking about when they provide you with their insurance needs.

2] Do you happen to know how long this agent (or even this agency) have been selling insurance?  The longer they have been in operation, the more you can profit from this wealth of experience.

3] Do they specialize in a particular type of insurance or do they happen to be a generalist?  If they have a wealth of experience in a number of areas you will be able to benefit from it if you happen to need to get another insurance policy one day.

4] How did you find out about this agent?  Was it through the white or yellow pages, or was he/she recommended by a friend?  If someone you know happened to recommend them then you will know that they had a very beneficial experience.

5] Does the agent or agency work any particular hours?  If they are open during the weekends or evenings you will have more flexibility.  Most of us work during the day, so having the option to meet with you agent after hours is a great way to save time.

6] Special designations or awards are always great to have.  If the agent happens to have been recognized in any way, it kind of shows that they are tops in their field.

7] What about belonging to trade organizations?  This can show that the agent is interested in expanding their contact list and reaching out to learn more about their jobs.

8] Does the agent participate in the local community?  This can show that they are a caring person, and that they have a desire to give back.

Like we mentioned previously, getting a good insurance agent is always a good idea.  We hope that you succeed in this task…and enjoy the process as well.

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