Wireless Technology in Mp3 Players

The advent of wireless technology is one of the most dominant factors that changed electronics in our world today. The advantage of having the ability to transfer information from a range of several meters to a thousand without a single wire to worry about is astounding. Currently, almost all electronic gadgets and appliances work with wireless technology including mp3 players. There are some notable mp3 players and portable media tablets that can be deemed to have the best features based on wireless technology: the Apple iPod, Zune HD, and the Archos 5 500 GB internet tablet with Android. These three are on top of the game and you can check them out personally but for now, we concentrate on how wireless technology particularly applies to mp3 players such as these.

When people hear of the term wireless, there are a bunch of things that come to mind; Cellular phones, Wi-Fi, Security systems, Bluetooth technology, and computer devices. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the ones which apply most to mp3 players. The Wi-Fi is the most commonly used method of connecting to the internet especially for portable devices such as wireless mp3 players. While it may not be as fast and stable as wired internet connection, Wi-Fi can be at par with some wired Ethernet speeds. This is why we can download songs easily through our mp3 players and surf the web too.

Bluetooth on the other hand, is also a wireless technology found in our mp3 players. Basically, Bluetooth works by shredding data into smaller pieces and transmits it in short-range radio frequency to another device. This is why we can transfer files to and from a computer or mobile phone via the Bluetooth on our wireless mp3 players. Almost all mp3 players can still be plugged in to a computer via USB but Bluetooth is much easier to use. The past few years have also seen Bluetooth technology incorporated in headphone production. As far the wireless technology is concerned these two are the most implemented aspects in mp3 players. It’s better to be prepared though, sometime in the future, wireless technology might just bring something new to mp3 players again.

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