Why I Chose Cheap Soundproofing Over Soundproof Drywall

About Soundproof Drywall

Soundproof drywall is a type of gypsum board that is made to block sounds from entering or exiting a room. It is commonly used in new construction in bedrooms to keep unwanted noise out, and in home theaters or TV rooms to keep noise in. It represents the pinnacle of soundproofing technology and is extremely effective. Soundproofing materials are measured by a metric call sound transmission class (STC). The average interior wall in most homes has an STC of 40 or less, meaning most outside sounds are heard low or muffled. However if you live near a loud roadway or next to a noisy neighbor, even a low roar can be disturbing to your sleep habits. Soundproof drywall can instantly increase the STC of a wall to 58 or above, whereas most noises above 50 are considered inaudible. However, soundproof drywall is extremely expensive. It can cost as much as 10 times the amount of regular drywall per sheet.

Types Of Cheap Soundproofing

Although soundproof drywall is extremely effective, there are other alternative cheap soundproofing techniques that will get your STC rating above 50. They won’t be quite as good as soundproof drywall, but the savings can be substantial. However, there will be work involved. Do not be fools by products such as soundproof window curtains which will only improve your room’s soundproofing slightly. Instead, using products like green glue sound barrier glue in combination with a second layer of regular drywall will be much more cost effective and won’t require you tear down your existing walls. There are other ways of improving your soundproofing without actually adding more mass to your walls. In fact, most airborne noises actually enter through cracks in your window and door frames, as well as receptacle outlet openings. By simply filling these gaps you can see major improvement without investing more than a tube of caulk and some insulation.

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