Why Choose Wind Energy?

Most people can recall how they felt when the price for gasoline went up over four dollars per gallon in the United States. In some areas, the prices went even higher. It made for a difficult summer for many people who found it a struggle to keep enough gas in their vehicles to get to work, let alone consider taking any kind of a vacation. Although it is hard to find a silver lining in that memory, there might actually be one. The experience got more people to start considering alternative energy sources.

One of the popular green energy sources being considered for use on a larger scale today is wind energy. The advantages of wind energy are considerable. There are some very strong arguments for why we, as a society should be making a move toward this ultra clean method of harnessing power.

The first thing to realize is that wind energy is a clean resource. That is, there is no pollution produced that will foul the air when wind energy is collected. Anyone who has lived in an industrial are can testify that pumping garbage into the air is not a sound strategy for a healthy planet or robust living conditions.

The simplicity of using windmills or wind turbines to collect the energy of the wind is also a wonderful alternative to paying outrageous prices for oil that has to be moved from far off regions. Decreasing our dependence on unstable foreign governments should be a high priority unless we want to live our lives according to the whims of some foreign leader who can play with the supply and demand balance at will.

Wind is a renewable resource that will not run out as long as there is moving air. Uneven heating of our planet’s surface plays an important role in keeping air moving along. As long as we have areas heating up and cooling down there will be plenty of wind to go around.

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