Why Choose a Steam Shower?

For thousands of years, steam bathing has been practiced for its health benefits and calming effect on the body. Hippocrates, in belief that fever can cure any disease, created an artificial fever in the form of steam baths. While it is now common knowledge that a fever cannot cure all kinds of diseases, it is still undeniable that a steam bath does provide some health benefits.

Saunas and steam baths have been known to be very therapeutic. Aside from this, it has been medically proven that the high moisture content can have specific medical benefits. This is true especially for respiratory problems such as allergies, bronchitis, and asthma.

Aside from this, steam baths are good for cleaning and toning the skin. When the body perspires, the skin becomes supple and soft. It also leaves the bathers feeling fresh and invigorated.

As mentioned earlier, steam is good for people with respiratory problems. The reason for this is the fact that steam can clear mucus and allergens from the lungs. For many years, in fact, doctors have recommended breathing steam for people who are experiencing respiratory problems.

Compared to a vaporizer, a steam bath contains more steam. This is the reason why it is more effective. At the same time, it provides more benefits to people with breathing problem as compared to using a vaporizer.

It is important to understand though that a sauna does not have the same benefit as far as respiratory diseases are concerned. Saunas only relieve some of the symptoms as the air tends to be hot and dry. It does not provide a total cure.

As far as benefits go, steam can benefit the skin a lot. Heavy sweating is recognized by dermatologists as one of the best ways to give the skin a healthy glow. It has been medically proven that heavy sweating cleanses the skin and rids it from toxins. In fact it is more effective in cleansing than compared to soap and water.

Aside from these benefits, steam showers are also known for their contributions to pain relief and relaxation. For people who badly need to rejuvenate themselves after a long day’s work, steam showers are indeed the best choice for you.

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