Why are Some DUI Lawyers More Expensive than Others?

I hope you never get a DUI. It’s not something most people ascribe to. But if you do, I hope you take the time to talk to more than one DUI lawyer in your area. And when you do talk to more than one, you may notice something – the prices of one DUI attorney to another can vary greatly. I’m talking about thousands of dollars in difference.

How is it that one attorney can charge so much more than another for the same job (defending a DUI)? Pay attention and you might find out.

To get an idea how something like this could happen I talked to a Bellevue DUI lawyer who wasn’t shy about talking about pricing. Here’s what he had to tell me.

First things first, there is a difference form one criminal defense attorney to another. And price is just one thing that demonstrates that. If you do get a DUI, you will probably find that a couple of days later you receive several mailers in the mail touting the services of some attorneys – the prices these attorneys charge are typically very low. And there’s a reason for this – they are going to give you what you pay for. Some DUI attorneys simply aren’t that good – that can be reflected in their prices.

Second, some lawyers charge more because they give you more – that makes sense, right? The Bellevue DUI lawyer I talked to was quick to point out that he charges more because he actually provides more services than many others in his business. He investigates his cases. He checks the officer’s reports for accuracy. And if motions need to be filed in a case then they are filed. This is typically what you get with a higher fee.

Third, and finally, you typically also get more of the lawyers time with a higher fee. Those guys that are charging $1500 a case have no choice but to sign up a bunch of cases – it’s the only way they can eat. Those that charge more do so so they can give your case the time it deserves. And the amount of time spent on your case is directly proportional to the outcome.

There you have it. That’s why you can expect to pay more for some DUI lawyers than others.

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