Which are the reasons to love the iPad?

When the IT market started to receive more and more requests regarding tablets, instead of netbooks, it was obvious that the tablet PC will become the shiny new toy which everyone will want. But when Apple announced the release of a new fancy Apple iPad tablet, the frenzy began, and thus creating a new standard for what people call a tablet.

Presenting a 9.7-inch LCD display, the Apple touch screen tablet weights only 1.5 pounds, being comfortable to carry around and being only 0.5-inch thick as to fit easily in any bag. One can make use of this device in any orientation, because of its complex accelerometer and tilt sensor specially developed by Apple for this specific tablet.

The device is running the Apple “A4” chip at 1GHz custom made for this iPad and presents tree options: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. Besides the regular features available at any tablet like Bluetooth, Wi-FI, speakers and others, the 3G connectivity is optional, therefore one can build the best tablet PC to fulfill his/hers requirements.

The iPad tablet PC features applications developed with the purpose of coming in handy in many usual situations one would encounter along his/her daily activities. The apps are specially designed to make the best of the Apple touch screen tablet allowing up to 10 hours of usability, with a single charge.

When using the iPad, one can surf the web in landscape or portrait mode through the Safari app and also enjoy a movie or a photo slideshow using the special apps developed with this purpose. Because of the large number of applications available for the iPad, Apple has build an App Store which includes over 350,000 apps, allowing users the liberty of choosing the perfect ones for their device and also their needs. As a result, each device from Apple is unique, being comprised from a number of apps that suit the needs of the user.

Concluding, the Apple iPad tablet can prove to be one of the best touch tablet PC, being easy to carry around, weighting less than many other devices, with an elegant and fashionable exterior look, but also allowing users to personalize the tablet according to his/hers needs.

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