What’s The Actual Price Of Driving?

It can seem like such a drag to be a car driver. After all, the cost are higher than ever and they don’t look like going down. I always like to remember that “A penny saved is a penny earned” and so it i worth asking yourself the question “How can I save money on my car?”.

Let’s check out some of the things we have to pay for our cars:

– Buy the car. Even if you get a nice deal with interest free credit and also nothing to pay for the first six months, ultimately you will have to pay sooner or later and this isn’t cheap. So be prepared.
– Pay for gas. Thanks to the increasing demands for oil from developing countries like China, the cost of oil is going up all the time. And the bad relations we have with Iran, Russia, and Venezuela certainly don’t help keep gas prices down.
– Maintenance charges. Paying for car maintenance isn’t cheap at the best of times, and if you get bad engine trouble it can blow a month’s wages just to get it back to normal.
– Replacement parts. Most parts are reasonably prices, like a battery or bulbs, but if you need new tires you can find they are a pretty expensive cost to bear.
– Parking fees. If you can park in a free place like your workplace, it won’t be a waste of money, but otherwise car parking charges can be quite high.
– Get repairs done. If you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident, your car will need to be repaired. This is usually pretty expensive.
– Pay road tax. We all need to pay road tax, even if we don’t realize we are doing it. In some countries it is included in the income tax, whereas in others it is paid through toll roads.
– Buy insurance. It’s not cheap to buy car insurance but it is a legal requirement.

So what can we do to save money? Start by looking for a good deal on short term car insurance. And should you be under the age of 25, you might get a great saving on young driver car insurance if you find the right company.

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