What will the Playstation 4 be Like?

While the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 are all enjoying their own successes during this generation of video gaming consoles, use game freaks are always looking ahead to the next version of consoles and wondering what they will be like.

3 Dimensions of Gaming?

Will PS4 games be in 3D?  As 3D movies are becoming more and more popular, televisions will be made to support 3-dimensional graphics, and so video games will be right along movies in supporting this type of technology.  Will the Playstation 4 have games that pop right out of the screen?  We can only hope…

Motion-sensing Capabilities?

Will the Playstation 4 feature motion-sensing capabilities?  The Nintendo Wii uses it’s remote controller to sense your movement and then send that feedback to the game.  The Xbox 360 is coming out with the Project Natal accessory that will actually sense your full-body movements and report that feedback to the screen in order to control games on screen.  Sony has announced a motion-controller that you’ll be able to use, but will the Playstation 4 take it a step further and allow you to control the game with your body’s motions that the other consoles don’t do already?  Or will they have to resort themselves to perfecting the technology used by the other gaming companies?


Sony made it clear that they were interested in pushing movies with the Playstation 3 by adding the Blu-Ray player in there.  That’s changed the whole Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD war front, and Blu-Ray ended up winning.  This dedication to movies i believe will continue into future versions of the Playstation.  But, will Blu-Ray be beaten by another format?  Will internet-streaming movies be the next big thing, and how will that integrate into the Playstation 4?


All of these questions probably raise even more questions and until the system is announced we can only speculate.  But, you can definitely bet that I will be one of the first ones in line to preorder PS4 as soon as I can!

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