What to Remember When Selecting A Storage Unit?

It is a wise decision to rent a storage unit when your heavy and space occupying furniture become troublesome. There are storage units available with varying sizes and features. It depends on your need and the amount of space you require for storing your furniture. It is your responsibility to check the climate control features of the storage unit to ensure safety of your stuff.

Tips for Safe Storage of your Furniture:

  • Checking for a unit on the ground floor for easy shifting of heavy furniture and choosing a drive up unit with facilities of dollies and carts will also be beneficial.
  • Assuring that unit, like storage Edinburgh, must be equipped with climate control facilities which are actually characterized by a central air and heat system installed in the building. The temperature is usually maintained at 50-80 degree. Humidity level maintenance must be checked.
  • It is important to insure the furniture products as they are expensive. Most of the self storage units, as self storage Edinburgh, require you to give the insurance proof while some even provide you with affordable insurance policies included in the rental agreement itself.
  • Standing the mattresses and sofas in the corners will help save space. However, it’s important to be careful to avoid storing newspapers or magazines beside them as the colour prints may get transferred.
  • Purchasing some packing stuff can also be advised as there are packing bags available in the market designed to protect sofa, chair etc.
  • It is suggested to cover the furniture with canvas, tarps or cotton drop cloths to allow airflow and keep dust off.
  • Usage of stretch wraps while moving the furniture like a cupboard, dressing drawers etc. is also recommended.
  • Using bubble wrap is suggested to protect the edges and corners of the furniture, when packing them.
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