What makes the New Balance 991 shoe special

There are quite a few things that set the New Balance 991 shoes apart from other larger shoe manufacturing corporations.  The things that make it special are common sense qualities that any consumer can logically chock up to a good brand of shoes.  Many runners have chosen to go with 991 shoes because they are designed specifically for runners.  The shoe helps balance the body, absorb impact, and protect muscles from injury.   The manufacturer of New Balance 991 shoes put a lot of research into the design of the shoe to make it perform as best as it could for runners and regular joggers.

One of the main common sense reasons people choose to go with this shoe brand is because it is a terrific quality shoe at a regular price.  So many branded shoes are far overpriced and do not deliver the amount of features that the 991 shoe provides.  Since 991 shoes are made specifically for runners in mind, people are happy to buy a pair for their regular exercise and track running.  While some branded shoes come at a whopping 160 dollars or more, the New Balance 991 mens come in at a conservative 90 bucks a piece.  These shoes are of some of the toughest materials and they are made in America.

Runners have commented that they are very comfortable to run in as it helps to absorb the shock from the pavement.  One customer noted that since he started training on the pavement with these shoes, he has felt much less pain in his legs.  Shoes that help to lessen the jolt also help to build powerful muscles in the thighs while minimizing injury.  Also because they is not entire synthetic, their life is much longer.  Another runner commented that he ran for 700 miles in one pair of shoes and they still have not shown wear and tear.

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