What Kinds of Patio String Lights Are Available For Your Home?

Are you considering using patio string lights at home and aren’t sure what kind are available? One of the most common styles you’ll find are the strands of white lights that are about six to eight feet long and have the lights spaced every ten inches or so along the strand and have an electrical plug at one end so you can plug it into an outdoor outlet on your home. But there are quite a few different kinds available depending on whether you’re looking for something to reflect your style and taste or for a special occasion that you’re hosting in your home.

There are two main categories of string lights available for your home. The first is the traditional outdoor led string lights that have been popular for many years and then there’s solar string lights, which have become more popular as solar technology has been improving in the last ten to fifteen years. Both types of string lights can be found in the same designs and styles so you won’t be losing out by deciding to go with one type or the other. And they are both readily available at your local stores or online.


Both types have good points and bad points. The most notable good point of using traditional plug in lights is that the lights are always available whenever you want them with a flick of the switch while solar lights have the advantage of not using any power at all, so they don’t cost anything to use. The downside of each is that with solar string lights if the sun doesn’t shine on your solar panel during the day to charge them your lights won’t work and with traditional lights they cost money to operate and if your home loses power due to a storm you can’t use them.

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