What Is Brown Patch Fungus?

Brown patch fungus is a common fungus that is soil born and can attack various plants and almost all turf grasses. From Kentucky Bluegrass to Bermuda, this fungus is most apparent in regions with abundant humidity and shade. Also known as large patch, this fungus will spread rapidly and take on a circle like shape. Below is further information on the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of this disease.

Brown Patch Symptoms

When conditions in the environment are favorable, brown patch development is characterized by two symptoms: circular patches of brown or yellow grass and/or a ring of grass that is wilted. When symptoms begin to appear they will resemble that of dark or wet looking grass. As the patches become larger the stolons usually stay green, and quite often when the rings appear new grass growth will emerge in the center.

Brown Patch Treatment and Prevention

This fungus can be controlled several ways. When mowing the lawn it is best not to cut it very short, and to always bag clippings. Also, water the grass in the early morning hours so that the leaves can dry quickly. The best method of prevention is to apply proper amounts of fertilizer or fungicides on a rigid schedule to treat this disease.

Fungicides such as Benomyl and Chlorothalonil, are commonly used to treat this disease. However, it is important to bag clippings as stated above because this type of fungus can survive in the debris. Control can also be achieved through stronger chemicals, but they should be applied by licensed professionals. When applying any fertilizers or chemicals to plants or lawns, it is important to always read the instructions for application. Since this fungus usually just affects the leaves, the lawn will typically return to a healthy state in no time at all.

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