Wedding Photography Prices – How Much You Should Charge?

That is a question many amateur wedding photographers ask. The prospect of making thousands of dollars working several times a week does seem very enticing, and combining your passion for photography with business surely only makes everything sound only better, but not many people actually succeed in this business. The competition is high, and the economy forces many photographers to charge less for their wedding photography prices.

Well, whatever state of economy, a wedding business will always be in demand, so if you have enough resilience and motivation you should definitely go for it. Start with Craig’s list and see how much wedding photographers charge for their services there. Many amateurs start there, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Don’t expect to get thousands of dollars for one wedding that way – not until you get a good portfolio.

Getting a good portfolio is the stage after which you can start earning much more. Make a good looking website, get a myspace to put your photos there, and then start advertising yourself like crazy. If people like the look of your website, how you present yourself there and if they like your portfolio you can expect them to pay you as much as 3000 dollars per wedding.

A good website will cost you as much as several hundred dollars only. You can also learn html, css and php yourself so that you are able to design the website yourself. Provided that you are a good artist by nature you should be able to pull that off. Still, asking a web designer freelancer is the most common path wedding photographers take.

The competition is also tough – remember that, so make your services flexible. Make a couple photography for wedding prices packages – some cheaper, some more expensive. People are saving a lot of money buying those cheap bridesmaid dresses under 50, for example, so you should expect them to have a lot for wedding photography, but you never know, so make packages for everyone.

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