Truth from Lancaster injury lawyer: Is it a tort or a crime?

A tort is personal injury that extends beyond harming a person physically. Damaging a person’s property or character, or wrongly denying someone his or her liberty is considered a tort. A tort is a harmful act or failure to act for which the law provides a remedy. The principle behind a tort is that compensation must be given to injured persons by those responsible for their injuries. Thus, the person committing the tort can be made liable for damages when the victim sues in court.  So if you sue, you need to sue for the right reasons.  If you have a case against someone and you want to confirm further if you can file for damages or compensation don’t hesitate to call a Lancaster personal injury attorney to ask your valid questions. It makes a lot of difference consulting experts on this matter.  Oftentimes, winning the case largely depend on how your attorney can aggressively represent you in court.

There is a big difference between torts and crimes.  A crime is a wrong against the state or society.  It is punishable by a fine or by incarceration. A tort is a civil wrong that is committed against an individual mostly because of negligence and that which resulted to a personal injury. However, there are some actions that can qualify as both a tort and a crime.  If you are in doubt, ask for a free counseling session with a Lancaster injury lawyer to evaluate your specific case so you will know if you can file a claim from the party responsible for your injuries.

An example is the act of battering a person by application of intentional force. In California law, battery is a misdemeanor crime.  A person charged with this can be convicted with 6 months imprisonment.  But since it is also a tort, the law in California applies on imposing a fine on the accused of up to $2000.

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