Travel insurance considerations for senior citizens

The recent economic downturn has actually been a boon for some seniors who love to travel.  The relative weakness of the US dollar has made US tourist attractions popular with international tourists, and a significant portion of the older European population enjoys traveling to the Americas, among other destinations.

While traveling and tourism add richness and enjoyment to the retirement years, it can be a source of stress if you’re not prepared.  A significant element of your travel preparation should be with a holiday insurance policy, either a multi-trip annual policy if you travel abroad frequently, or a single trip vacation insurance plan if you’re just planning a single holiday overseas.

There are two things to consider though.  First, you should expect a bit more difficulty finding travel insurance over 70, as most insurers feel that pensioners represent an elevated risk of claim.  This risk pool parallels the increased insurance premiums seniors pay for other types of insurance, such as medical, automobile, and homeowners’ insurance.

Second, if you have a pre existing medical condition, be sure to google travel insurance pre existing conditions for more information about where to find a holiday insurance provider willing to accept your particular medical difficulty under policy.

While a travel insurance premium may not be the kind of holiday expense you’re anxious to incur, it is money well spent in the event you lose your wallet or baggage, alter your travel plans due to unforeseen weather or illness, political unrest in your destination country or city, or failure of a contracted travel provider to fulfill their obligation to you.

No traveler plans to incur any of those types of difficulties, but having insurance coverage in the unfortunate event it becomes necessary can save you thousands of dollars.  For that reason alone, finding an effective holiday insurance provider can be a tremendous help in a stressful situation abroad.  If nothing adverse happens, the peace of mind is often worth the insurance premium.

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