Tips on Collecting High Quality Diecast Model Airplanes

Diecast model airplanes are very popular items to collect for aviation enthusiasts .  The number of models available in the market for you to choose from is almost limitless and there are new releases every month. Model airplanes are produced by many manufacturers with some of the most popular being Aero Classics, Herpa, Corgi, Air Command, In Air, Gemini jets and Hot wings.

Before investing on a collection of models, you will have to figure out in what type of diecast airplane models your interests lie in. You will have to decide whether you would be selective in your choice or would you like to collect all that is available n the market. Certain people are interested in collecting the diecast replica of the airplanes used during the world wars. These diecast airplanes may cost anywhere between 25 USD to a few hundred dollars. Franklin Mint’s The Armor Brand is one of the most expensive models available in the market. Since, Gemini jets produce only limited edition of each airplane model, this makes the diecast models all the more precious and valuable.

Different diecast airplane models come in varying sizes. Usually they are all in the scale 1/24, 1/64 and 1/18. The ‘Alaska 737 – 400 Disneyland’ is one the most well known models. This diecast model is four hundred times smaller than the actual airplane. Precisely it is a 1/400 scale metal airplane.

The diecast models resemble the real ones and their landing equipments, designs and colors are realistic. These models are all hand-made. They are painted by hands too. Garage scales, rummage scale or local scales are to be checked out for the best bargains on these models.

It is very important to take special care of these diecast models after purchasing them. This is the most sensitive part. Usually these models are kept in a cool dry place like the display cabinet or a curio.

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