Three Home Design Ideas Using Interior Shutters

Shutters have been a part of the window coverings industry since…there has been a window coverings industry! Shutters are the original covering before glass was used to cover the open expanses in homes called windows. Wooden shutters that are in used today saw their first usage in the early Victorian era. Interior shutters have always, and will continue to be a sign of classic elegance and luxury. A home with shutters shows a homeowner’s dedication to simple sophistication. If you want to add an extra sense of exclusivity to your already classy window coverings, try one of these three design ideas for interior shutters.

Cornices and valances cannot be used on simply every type of shutter. If your shutters open inward with a hinge, then your cornice or valance will need to be positioned above the shutters as to not impede their inward progress. If you have shutters that slide to one side or the other, much like a sliding glass door, then you can use a cornice or a valance in the traditional way, covering the tops of your window coverings ever so slightly. Cornices and valances are a sign of a chic sense of style and could be the perfect match for your home’s décor.

Draperies are a luscious way to show off your already proud interior shutters. Picture this: your shutter’s louvers are opened wide, the sun is setting to a dazzling display of unfathomable reds and strikingly scintillating pinks, you are sitting on the comfort of your sofa as the warm summer evening breeze lifts your draperies to sway in the wind. Is that not the picture of perfection? This could be in your near future, finding drapes to fit your interior shutters can be a fun way to upgrade your already beautiful window treatments.

Work around your shutters with the addition of matching woodwork in the forms of furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and art. If you home has an emphasis on beautiful woodwork already, then perhaps staining your shutters to the specific color of your hardwood flooring or furniture will be the finishing touches to an already beautiful masterpiece.

To spark your creativeness, look for more home ideas for your shutters in home magazines and on your favorite home and garden blogs!

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