Three Good Reasons To Go With Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl was introduced in the 1920’s by manufacturers who were on the look out for a material that was easier to produce, but was durable and economical too. It’s a synthetic material derived from ethylene and 57% of the material needed for production of vinyl is derived from common salt. Yes, the common salt that we use in our daily life! And, salt is a renewable natural source and available in abundance.

Vinyl is the second largest plastic produced worldwide. Its in-built characteristic features have encouraged its being used widely by packaging and plastic industry. It’s also used for making blinds and here are three good reasons why you should choose vinyl window blinds.

1. We all know that vinyl is a kind of plastic but very few of us are aware that it is one of the most recyclable known plastics. Compared to other plastics, it is recycled easily and is very durable also.

2. Even the manufacturing process of vinyl is not as harmful to nature as that of other plastics. Its manufacturing process consumes less power and releases lower volumes of harmful gases to the atmosphere. So, it means that vinyl is closer to being a green man made product.

3. And, finally let me tell you how durable I find vinyl blinds. I have kids and pets around in my home. My kids have literally swung from the blinds and cleaned their chocolate covered hands with the same blinds. And, the pet often use the blinds for sharpening of teeth and claws. Can you think of some other material that would bear such an abuse? I simply clean them once in a while and they continue to look as fresh as new.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to these window treatments. Just check out some of the online stores and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And don’t forget that you can order blinds online, which saves you money and time since the items you bought will be delivered to your home.

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