Thoughts For Building Your First Garden Pond

There are lots of different ways to make your garden look more attractive. You could start with some nice fencing and some choice plants, but one of the most creative ways to enhance your garden is by installing your own garden pond. First, decide what shape and size you would like your pond to be and were you would like it to be placed. A pond might look nice below trees but it is not an appropriate place as leaves and debris dropping into the pond could alter the water chemistry drastically. Find somewhere to locate your pond away from underground cables in a spot that receives a lot of sunlight. You do not have to choose a regular circle for the shape of your pond, decide upon whatever shape you think would fit in with the rest of your garden. Mark out this shape in your garden using rope to line its boundaries.

Enlist the help of some friends or neighbors to help you dig your pond. If you are installing a basic pond the minimum depth should be 35 to 60 centimeters. If you would like a bigger pond then you will need to adjust the measurements. Get advice from your local garden center or pond supplier to help you decide upon its dimensions.
Once the hole is dug you need to mix some concrete together so your sides have some foundations. If you prefer, you can just surround your pond with some rocks, stones and pebbles to create a foundation. Then you must install a pond liner. Do this before adding any bricks or stones around the edge. Choose a liner from your garden center and ask their advice if you are unsure about which type to go for. You need one that is extremely durable since it will have to hold many gallons of water for many years to come.

Once the liner is installed you can fill the hole with water. Take your time, as this is the time to make sure that you can get rid of all the creases in the liner. They will eventually go over time if there are a few left.
Now, you must decide if you want to include fish and what type of plants you want in your pond. Popular fish choices for ponds are Koi or goldfish. Both are quite beautiful and will certainly add color and movement to your pond but Koi are large fish and expensive. Goldfish are smaller and cheaper but no less striking. Of course, you will be wanting an array of plants to go with your fish so ask which are best to go with them. You don’t want to go to the expense of filling your pond with plants only to find your fish slowly eating them!

You will also need to install an adequate garden pond filter. Ask advice about which type of filter will power your pond’s system and then choose a reputable make. Your filter will be neutralizing harmful nutrients in your pond so it should be powerful enough to cope with the volume of water in your pond and also last a long time. If a filter breaks down, you must install a new one immediately.
Ponds require regular maintenance and cleaning but if you commit a few hours a week and check your pond over every day for any changes or signs of disease your pond should remain problem free.

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