Things To Consider When Building A North Dakota Log Home

North Dakota is a state that keeps popping up in the news. With the new reserves of oil being discovered, it has become a bright spot in our current economy. New home building is a common result of a good economy. So here are some things to consider if you choose to build a log home in this wide open state.

Located between Montana and Minnesota with the Canadian border to the north, North Dakota gets a lot of cold wind and snow over the winter months. The warm summer months only last from about mid June to the end of August. Then the colder weather closes in around us once more. With a shorted building season the first consideration is the foundation of the home. The frost lines are very deep in the Northwest so you want to be sure that the footers and basement of the home are dug deeply into the ground. Though it is less expensive to put a shallow footer in the ground, it is not a wise decision. Getting well below the frost line is very important.

Also with the shorter building season it is important to begin the project in the spring or summer months. This provides the best window of warm weather to get the project underway. Planning now, in August, for a next spring start date for the construction of the home is smart. There are many details that you have not even thought  about yet that go into the building and planning of a home.

Another consideration is the quality of log package that you choose. North Dakota is known for cold winds blowing down from Canada. Log homes do not have to be drafty, in fact they are rated very well for energy efficiency if they are constructed correctly. The logs themselves must have an overlap of log to log over a concave surface. For the milled logs this comes in the form of two rows of tongues and grooves cut into the logs. Then as the logs are stacked the tongues and grooves press together to form the barrier. Foam tape and caulking are also used to seal between the logs. For a handcrafted log home the chinking style is not as secure against the weather as the full scribed logs. Full scribed logs are hand scribed on the bottoms to custom fit. The Scandinavian full scribe channel causes the logs to draw more closely together over time.

North Dakota log homes need to be built solidly from the ground up. Foundation, log stack, and also a metal roof are all necessary components to keep your home looking new and staying snug for years to come. Let the western wind blow– your log home is ready for it.

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