Things I am Looking for from Online Property Management Software

My regular work keeps me busy and I barely have time for a property I am renting out. I find it very difficult to drive three hours from the house I’m living in to my rental properties. I needed someone or something to help me managing my rental properties without really disrupting my daily routine. It’s a good thing that online property management software exists. It is now much easier for me to oversee my rental properties without having to take a leave from work!

I am using online property management software which allows me to communicate with my tenant on a regular basis and twenty-four hours a day! The tenant could leave me a message or report an incident regarding maintenance at any time. When I look at my computer, I could see it in an instant. The good thing about it is that the tenant gets a ticket for the incident that he or she reports. It’s just like me and my tenants meeting in one place.

Rental Property Software

Among all tenants that I have, it is difficult for me to keep track of their records and information. The software that I am using helps me keep a record of my tenants. This also gives way for easy accounting of the payment that my tenants make. This online property management software also makes it easy for me to post vacancies online. It is like a virtual office me, without me having had to hire personnel.

A person like me who knows bare minimum on the applications of the computer, it is important for me to have software that is easy to use. I do not want to hire a person just to use the software that I purchased. That is too impractical. I appreciate the fact that the software I am using is user-friendly and came with a twenty-four / seven customer support system. Now I can manage my rental properties with ease with  Occupi property management software. Check their site out by clicking here.

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