The Three Kinds of Curio Cabinets

If you are looking for a decorative piece of furniture to buy for your home, you may be tempted to buy a curio cabinet.  If this sounds like a promising idea, we recommend you keep reading as we will discuss the three kinds of curio cabinets.  These cabinets include the traditional curio cabinet, the corner curio, and the wall curio cabinet.

The first type of cabinet that we will discuss today is the traditional curio cabinet.  This cabinet is usually rectangular in shape, tall, and possesses a mirrored backing.  Additionally, this type of cabinet tends to be fairly tall (usually at least six feet tall) and is usually composed of wood.

The next type of cabinet is the wall curio cabinet.  These cabinets are usually much smaller than a traditional curio, due to having to be attached to a wall.  If you have a kitchen collection (items such as spoons you acquired while on vacation), this curio is a great way to display them.  Additionally, if you do not have a lot of floor space in your home, a wall curio can be the solution since it doesn’t take up much physical space.

The third type of curio cabinet is the corner curio cabinet.  These cabinets are usually triangular in shape and can be as tall as a traditional curio cabinet.  These curios are designed to be placed in unused corners.  If you have a corner in your home that simply seems bare, a corner curio can be a great way to spruce up its appearance.

As you can see, there is a great variety in the type of curio you can choose.  While this variety can seem quite overwhelming, it can help if you decide what the purpose will be for your curio.  Once you understand where the curio will go, all you have to decide is which color and size of curio you want for your home.

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