The Spells of the Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series is no doubt one of the best fantasy novel series of all time, with all of the seven novels already translated into more than 65 languages all over the world. Critically acclaimed for the ingeniously created plot and original characters, there are more than a few things which add to the charm of Harry Potter. Among these are the highly imaginative Harry Potter spells which J.K. Rowling has devised so creatively. Now you can find a compilation of these spells in books and from online sources, along with their resultant effects and possible etymologies.  Of course, you could also work you way through the Harry Potter movies list in order and make note of each spell, but that would be quite an undertaking!

These spells are generally categorized into offensive spells, defensive spells, charms, and curses. The offensive spells are used against an opponent while the Harry Potter defensive spells are used to counter offensive spells, negate them, or to create a shield against harmful incantations. The “charms” are spells which are used for some harmless or useful purpose, such as in turning objects into birds or in summoning objects and unlocking doors. The “curses” or the unforgivable spells are normally practiced by the Death Eaters, who are the followers of Lord Voldemort. Students are restricted in using these curses or unforgivable spells. One of the most famous curses is the Avada Kedavra, which kills the opponent instantly.

In order to carry out these spells, the caster will need to use his or her wand or to use the wand in such a way that the mental or verbal incantation carries out the spell. Most of these spells are derived from Latin or some other classical language. All of these spells are scattered throughout all the seven books; although some spells are used more sparingly than others. These spells may be cast, verbally or non-verbally, with adult casters able to carry out these non-verbal incantations more successfully, especially in the first few books of the entire series.

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