The Secret To Finding The Right Combo DVD VHS Recorder Is “Up-Conversion”

Most people that are converting VHS to DVD tend to use a PC or Mac desktop computer to capture the analog video, edit it in a computer software editing suite, and then burn it to DVD or Blu-ray. However, if you don’t need a lot of editing or slick DVD menus, you can convert VHS to DVD without using a desktop (or laptop) computer at all.

Converting VHS to DVD is as simple as purchasing an all-in-one combo DVD VHS recorder. Many of these can actually make your video look better than the original with a computing process known as up-converting. Up-converting gives your videos a higher resolution than they would receive otherwise. It is not as good as doing the conversion with a computer but it is better than the low tech solution of hooking up an old VCR to an older DVD recorder without up-converting technology.

If you decide to go with one of these VHS to DVD recorders, you will find that they save enormous time, effort, and frustration as well. One side of the machine has a VCR. The other side has a DVD recorder. Just insert the old VHS tape in the VCR side. Then insert the blank disc in the DVD recorder side. Voila! You are set. Just push the button and walk away for an hour or two (depending on the length of the video). Most of these will play discs from your old DVD collection as well.

Here is a list of the top five VHS to DVD recorder devices that you can find at Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, etc. They range from $200-$500. They all have up-converting capabilities and they all up-convert to at least 1080i or 1080p HD resolution.

  • Panasonic DMR-EA38VK
  • Panasonic Diga DMR-EZ48VK
  • JVC DR-MV150B
  • Toshiba DVD670
  • LG RC897T
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