The Nutritional Benefits Of Rice Water

I have been cooking rice for two-thirds of my life now.  My Zojirushi NP-HBC10 is by far the best rice cooker that I have purchased since it allows me to do many other simple and yummy rice meals which the cheaper rice cookers could not perform.  I have also found out another benefit from eating rice.  Usually, I throw the water used from washing rice, but actually it is also very useful.

My highly curious nature lead me to yet another useful discovery, the nutritional value of the rice water.  I thought all along that rice water only has the excess starch but all the nutrition are actually in the rice itself.  Oh, I was so wrong.  Good thing I have compiled the researches that I’ve had into this article that you will also find very useful.

Rice water can be used in cooking soup and other dishes and is also good for baking too.  It contains zero-fat and is suitable for those who wants to lose weight.  Having this in your soup can help cleanse your kidney better.    This is also used to treat persons with diarrhea since the trace minerals in it can actually help the person become hydrated again.  You just have to boil this and not drink it directly because it will actually add to the diarrhea if not boiled.

If you have some plants at home, simply use the rice water to water your plants and notice your plants become healthier and greener.  The fruits will be more delicious, believe me.  I have tried this one.  This is also more beneficial if you have mushrooms.

More beautiful skin is just another thing that you can benefit.   There have been reports that some facial and skin care companies, more specifically that of the organic manufacturers have used the rice water as an ingredient to their products.  You can also simply use the rice water to wash your face.   Just be persistent on doing this once or twice a day and notice the difference.

You see, even the most seemingly useless thing, when you just dig up some information, actually has a variety of services to offer mankind.  The next time you wash your water, make sure to have a separate container for the rice water.  Don’t just throw it away.  Just think that your face will be smoother and fairer because of this and for sure, you will consider the rice water as a precious ally for your facial care.

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