The Music Stand: Not As Simple As It Looks

When seeking to buy a music stand, the variety of available options can make decision making difficult. The fact is that music stands come in numerous sizes, finishes and styles. Some are small and can be attached to an instrument such as an old antique violin, a trumpet and a clarinet. Such small, attachable stands are referred to as music holders and are commonly used by musicians who play in marching bands. One disadvantage when using the music holder is that one has to resize one’s sheet music to allow for neat fitting on the holder.

There is also the wooden music stand that is collapsible and can be folded for convenient carry. Many of these stands are chrome plated and uniquely designed. They come with legs and collapsible, telescoping shafts. The telescoping shaft can be adjusted accordingly to any desired height level required. Despite such fixtures these stands are very lightweight and it may surprise many people to know that they are not very costly either. One disadvantage is that these stands are not very durable and must therefore be carefully handled to ensure longevity.

Do not assume for one minute that there are no music stands that are durable. The stands commonly used by professional orchestras and professional artiste are of a higher quality and can undergo years of rough treatment without sustaining any damage. Such stands are solidly built and come with a strong music desk. These high end stands can hold up to four music pages and these pages are held side by side. These stands are very durable and are ideal for musicians who have to travel to various locations to perform. One can even have a light fitted on to these stands.

It is clear that the music stand is an item that is diverse in nature. It may look like a simple device but it does have its subtle vagaries.

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