The Lego Ultimate Building Set, Great Starter Set

This Lego Ultimate Building Set 405 pieces is the best-selling Lego starter set, and is suitable for children above the age of four years. It would make an excellent present, at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas.

It will occupy your children for absolutely hours and hours, as there are so many toys that can be made from all the 405 pieces of Lego.

There is a lovely house to build, and a dog that can be made to sit in the garden of the house. The car, that has all the pieces included can sit in the driveway, and the only problem is, where to park the Helicopter that is included in this lovely set.

A great little extra present would be the Lego City Advent Calendar 2824, and your children will be delighted when they open a window each day and a Lego piece is hidden inside. How exciting for any child.

Lego seems to have been one of the most popular toys for ever, and we all grew up with our own Lego sets. They weren’t like the ones that are available today, and we were pretty limited on which toys we could build.

Things have moved on rapidly since then, and now the sets and kits are available so that children can build practically anything out of Lego pieces.

The toys that can be built by your child are endless, and it is only limited by their imagination. Once they start to build models though, you will find that they progress rapidly, as their skills and imagination is stretched.

Of course your child won’t realize it, but as they are learning to use the Lego Ultimate building set, they are also learning many other skills, such as patience, and how to build toys the correct way and to the correct scale.

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