The Lalaloopsy Doll Twins

The lalaloopsy Doll twins are wonderful, and they would be great company for any little girl who likes two of everything.

The twins were made from a Farmers overalls, on “Old Farmers Day” as even though they are dolls, they like to think that they can actually work on a farm They are called Sunnyside up and Berry Jars and Jam, and along with their pet toy chick and mini cow, they can be found working on the land.

The twins love to work on the gardens in Lalaloopsy Land, and you can see the video on YouTube with your children, and they will be mesmerized at all the activity which goes on there.

Another very popular Lalaloopsy Doll is Bea spells a lot, who can always be found carrying a book and walking with her pet toy owl. Her clothes came from a schoolgirls uniform, so of course she has the brains to learn lots of interesting details.

If any of the dolls need advice, she is the first one they go to, as she knows so many things.

Talking of interesting things, there are the very clever Sing a ma Jig interactive toys available on Amazon, and they are really cute, and great for children to improve their learning skills. They have 3 different routines that children can change, and they will cause lots of fun and laughter to the whole family.

They are available in some of the brightest colors you have ever seen, including purple, red, orange and bright pink. All colors that children love.

The special sing ma jig at the moment is the Santa Sing a ma Jig, as he is amazing in his bright Christmas colors.

He can sing his very own Jingle Bells song when he is in the song mode, or he can chatter to the children, and when he is placed with other sing a ma jigs he will harmonize perfectly with them.

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