The HTC Desire S is Wedged In

When talking of price range, the HTC Desire S is wedged in between the slightly cheaper and original desire form HTC and the HTC HD. It is so similar to the original Desire, most especially in respect to its looks that we cannot help but wonder if the introduction of so many different handsets from that many Smartphone manufacturers is not overkill.

With each manufacturer releasing a new and updated model to their existing range, each and every competitor feels compelled to do the same. This is for one reason; that there is stiff competition between all Smartphone manufactures to keep hold of their niche in the market. Admittedly the number of Smartphone users is rapidly increasing, but it is still debatable whether it is really rising to such an extent that there is demand for each and every possible model available.

The HTC Desire S for example is so similar to the original Desire from HTC that is difficult to see why you would want to purchase the new and so called improved handset. It is only when you look deeper into the specs of both handsets that you will see an improvement in performance form the original Desire as well as a faster browsing speed. The Desire S also has a good and functioning LED Flash 5 MP camera, making it a good option for those of us who like to capture moments on the move.

Using Sense, the Desire S is indeed a very easy to navigate handset and should not be dismissed as an added extra from HTC. As for the Internet functions, make sure you get enough speed and space with your contract, this may differ from one service provide to the next and you will not want to be halfway the month and find that all of a sudden all speed is gone. To avoid this kind of trouble, compare all HTC service provides by setting your requirements on HTC Deals and you will soon see where to get the best buy for your money.

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