The Dog to Beat

What separates Bernese mountain dogs from other dogs is that they are extremely loyal and house buddy.

Bernese mountain dogs originate from the Swiss mountains. It comes from a family of Swiss mountain dog. In the early days, these dogs were trained to pull and drive carts full of foods to be delivered to the market. Since they are big and strong, they can easily do it. On the general these dogs and very loyal to the owners, calm, smart, dependable and very eager to please their owners, That is why it’s very ideal to teach them tricks.  Just remember that when teaching trick, it is important that you use the positive way of teaching. You can find a lot of articles and books stating how beautiful the temperaments are of this kind of dogs, but one thing that you have to remember is that loving them will always brings out the best in them.

Before it became Bernese mountain dog, the name given to these dogs is a berner sunnenhund. Their brother in the family has the same looks like them aside from long thick coat that they have.

These dogs are ideal to be a house dog rather than a guard dog. They seek attention from human company and they love to have human interaction. They are also fond of children though sometimes intimidating due to their size, they are the perfect dog to cuddle with.

However, unlike the average dogs they have a shorter life of expectancy of about 7-8 years. There are some that extends up to 10 years and longer depending on how you look after them. Common diseases include cancer, thyroid, hip and shoulder dysplasia, sub-aortic stenosis and skin and coat problems. They are quite slow to mature which takes them 3 years before they acquire their full growth.

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