The Best Way To Choose Paint Colors For Your Space

Choosing paint colors to decorate your space can be an exhausting experience with more than nine million colors to choose from. The secret to ease the task of choosing paint colors is bringing order and method to your choice. Even though there are millions of colors to choose from all are formed by three basic primary colors of red, yellow and blue and three secondary colors of orange, green and violet. You can also label colors under warm, which are yellows, oranges and reds or cool, which are blues, greens and violets. You can choose colors that share a basic color that complement and contrast one another or different shades of the same color. Here are 4 easy steps to take when choosing your room color.

  1. Look for a central item or feature in your room you can use as a starting point for inspiration. It can be a particular work of art hanging on the wall, a great wallpaper or simply your favorite color. Which ever you choose will work as a starting point from which to create your color scheme.
  2. Study carefully the item or feature you chose. Ask yourself these various questions; What is ┬áit’s primary color? What are it’s secondary colors? Do they contrast or blend? Are they warm or cool colors? How does it make you feel? These questions will help you choose which colors and shades to use and emphasize in your room.
  3. Use a color wheel to help you decide which colors are related, and which colors complement each other. Color wheels arrange basic colors so that basic colors are inter-spaced by secondary and intermediate colors. You can combine different shades of the same color, colors that are close to each other on the color wheel or colors that complement each other, which are colors opposite to each other on the color wheel.
  4. Test the color scheme you have chosen by painting small sections or using fabrics and wallpapers with your colors. If you are not happy with the look try different schemes until you are satisfied with the look.

Using a specific item, art work or wall paper will usually have a good matching color scheme to start with. You can also use current color trends for inspiration. Ultimately your happiness and satisfaction is key to great room designs.

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