Celebrate with an Upside Down Christmas Tree

For those looking for a new and unique way to decorate for the Christmas season, there is a fun way to celebrate. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, try an upside down Christmas tree. As strange as it sounds, hanging the tree upside down has been done before. In the Medieval times it was a common practice, and a way to represent the trinity. Later on the tree was placed upright and pointing … [Read more...]

Family Memories with the Upside Down Christmas Tree

When you think about Christmas decorating, the first and biggest item you begin with is your Christmas tree. Your fondest memories as a child was finding the right tree and bringing it home. When you visit the Christmas-tree-shop, there are boundless choices of big trees, little trees, full trees, and skinny trees. Then in the center of them all is the perfect choice - the upside down Christmas … [Read more...]