Plastic Toy Army Men – Beyond Sizes and Shapes

Plastic toy army men are classic toy soldiers. Averaging 2 inches in height, they are tough, commonly green or camouflaged little plastic molded toys. Armed with modern guns and pistols, they are found at very cheap prices on almost every supermarket, thrift and toy stores.Due to its low price, these toys are an easy favorite for creative minded children, where they can strategically place … [Read more...]

Searching for the Best Japanese Airfix Soldiers

When we think of toy soldiers and army men, most of us would usually want to have the American or the British soldiers. These infantry battalions are always looked up to by many as the heroes of most historic wars. However there are also toy soldiers that model the Japanese army. We know that the Japanese soldiers are seen by a lot of people as the ones that triggered the World War II to take … [Read more...]