Top Baby Essentials Parents Should Not Be Without

Most parents, especially first time ones, go shopping crazy as soon as they find out they are expecting. While this is a natural impulse, it is better to stock up on items that the child would actually need such as a crib as well as bags for occasional outings.If you have yet to start with your shopping, here are a few items that you should seriously consider getting:Mini CribMost moms … [Read more...]

Potty Training: Motivating Your Child

Once the baby crib has been put aside the next step in child development needs to be considered. It is what every parent quakes in their shoes about, potty training. It does not need to be the most unpleasant task in the world. There should be no diaper punishments. It will involve spending time with your child while the little one is on the potty, however. A child usually shows signs of … [Read more...]

Baby Bedding For Healthy Newborns

If you are about to become a new parent, undoubtedly you are nervous and excited at the prospect of holding that newborn in your arms. You will need to prepare the home by purchasing baby clothing, a swinging baby crib, and baby bedding. A newborn will spend most of his or her hours, asleep. You will want to have the items on hand, that will make the baby content,comfortable and allow him to sleep … [Read more...]