Softball Glove: Getting the Right Fit

Baseball the sport of choice, America’s past time, has been played world wide by millions. Did you know that out of all these millions of people, many of them do not know how to buy a softball glove. This article aims to educate you on how to choose the right softball glove, the fit is not the only thing that should “fit.”The most obvious factor in buying a glove is the measure. Fielders … [Read more...]

U.S. Fastpitch Softball


Softball is a fun and engaging game that both male and female athletes of all ages can play. The United States professional fast pitch softball team is made up of talented ladies from all over the country. This team plays at each summer Olympic Games event.The 2009 softball team was made up of eighteen players. Nine players play on the team at one time, just as with baseball. These players use … [Read more...]