5 Common Household Plumbing Emergencies

Most homeowners will, at one point or another, experience a plumbing emergency. In some cases, professional plumbers are not immediately available. It would be helpful to know how to handle common household plumbing emergencies, at least until help arrives.1. Clogged drain A clogged drain is a common problem in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Use a rubber plunger to unclog the drain. … [Read more...]

Fittings for Plumbing Systems: Tips from Atlanta Plumbers

In plumbing, fittings are generally used to attach straight pipes or tubing sections to conform to the different pipe shapes and sizes. In addition to that, they function to regulate the water flow. While a number of specialized fittings are available in the market, majority are widely used in piping systems of homes and building structures. Different types of fittings are also made especially … [Read more...]