The Family Lawyer Weatherford

Getting a family lawyer is one way of ensuring that the decisions affecting your family are done in justice. Few people consider working with family lawyers. A good family lawyer will not only help you in the process of making serious decisions but will assist you in understanding the possible legal implications of the decisions you make. A family lawyer Weatherford will help you with legal … [Read more...]

Networking for Success

If you are a small business owner like I am, it doesn't take long from the moment you open your doors to realize that getting people to know you exist and gaining enough trust that they call you for your services is the most important thing out there. And, if, like me, you are in a service industry (I'm a Seattle DUI lawyer), it's not as easy as opening your store on a busy street corner with a … [Read more...]

Talk to Your Physician After an Auto Accident

If you have been in a wreck, don't hesitate to go to the hospital to make your injuries are alright. Physicians are capable of telling if a victim has been suffering from a serious impairment to body functions, once a diagnostic test is performed. Sometimes multiple tests are required; it will depend on the extent of the injury and if there is also any permanent disfigurement. This documentation … [Read more...]