What You Shouldn’t Miss This Year? Kinect Motion Sports

Kinect Motion Sports is apparently the important test to the newest motion technology created by Microsoft. No doubt that sports games could be the great pair for the technology of Xbox Kinect games, obviously because there is a wide range of body movements required for such activities.When compared to the various earlier types of gaming systems, Kinect Motion Sports is outstanding in that it … [Read more...]

Fighters Uncaged – Time to Kinect Your Punches

One of the newest games for Xbox 360 is Fighters Uncaged, which is one of the Kinect games. It is designed to use the Kinect to let players to participate in a battle by physically throwing punches and kicks. The Kinect will identify the body movement of the player and then interpret them into real fighting moves in the Kinect. The on-screen avatars, or fighters, react in very good 1:1 motion … [Read more...]