Surgical Technician Occupational Duties and Daily Tasks

Anyone that wants to start making a surgical technologist salary must invest an extensive amount of time and effort to ensure success in this industry. Before an individual can become eligible for employment, they must go through training programs that can last anywhere from nine to twenty four months and provide graduates with certification, a diploma or associate’s degree. These educational programs can be taken advantage of in many different places such as hospitals, community or junior colleges, vocational schools, universities and even through the military. Those that want to have the best possible chance of excelling in this profession and earning the best possible surgical technologist salary should without a doubt invest into the maximum two years of training to obtain the most knowledge. This will prove to be very beneficial when it comes to the application process in looking for surgical technician jobs as employers will be much more impressed with two years of learning compared to those with only one year or even less.
Employees in this occupation are accountable for many different duties and responsibilities which are divided into three separate phases to make patient and surgical care management. The opening phase is preoperative case management where surgical techs can be found organizing the operating room, gathering the necessary tools and helping the surgical team into the sterile field. The second phase is intraoperative case management where obligations like taking care of specimens, arranging medication, setting up trays, passing instruments to attending surgeons as well as assisting with suturing are given. The third and final phase is postoperative case management in which professionals must remove used instruments, maintain equipment and preserve the sterile field until the patient is taken out completely. All in all, while this profession may not be for everyone, those who are dedicated, determined and invested into succeeding have an excellent chance at a rewarding and satisfying surgical tech career.

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