Stereo Speaker Repair Kits

Ouch! A blown loudspeaker driver doesn’t necessary make an audible noise but you can immediately tell when something doesn’t work the way it should. For some older yet expensive loudspeakers from the 70’s or 80’s this doesn’t mean immediate death. You can still contact the manufacturer if he is still in business and ask for a solution to fix your problem. Maybe even a drop-in driver is available to solve your problem. This is of course not necessarily the case for cheap home theater speakers because these are mass products but a reputable manufacturer should be able to help you.

But what if there’s no immediate solution available? In this case you can even try your luck with stereo speaker repair kits. We must be realistic however, that this doesn’t give you a brand-new loudspeaker. But you can still use your speaker for a while and achieve satisfactory results.

Companies like PartsExpress are offering quite a number of do-it-yourself kits for electronic amateurs who can easily fix foam surrounds of famous speakers by Infinity or JBL. And for $25 – $35 this isn’t a bad deal at all. Older loudspeakers often sound better than some newer speakers in terms of bass performance. If you have ever listened to an Infinity Kappa speaker, you will immediately understand why many newer speakers have just thin bass. Thus an investment of less than fifty dollars is absolutely worth it in my opinion.

Things that typically die or wear off after a while (unless your woofer is completely blown) are foam surrounds that start to dissolve. Fortunately, newer speaker drivers are no longer subject to this problem. Bent dust caps are also common although this is not really a problem of age but rather incautious speaker treatment. After all, you should always keep the speaker grill on when you are not listening.

If you search Google, you will also find a number of other specialist manufacturers or repair centers offering complete reconing services or replacement of diaphragms or voice coils which is totally beyond the scope of most hobbyists.

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