Spider Repellents That Really Work

People who have been bugged by spiders constantly look for ways to deter these arachnids. They’d been jumping from one repellent to another until they finally get rid of their uninvited visitors. Sadly, some of the repellants available in the market are not as effective as they claim to be.

Among the popular deterrents is the chemical spray. Most of the time, this kind of repellent actually works but not f or a very long time. As homeowner sprays it, a chemical pesticide would annoy spiders away with its pungent scent and chemicals. However, as the smell subsides, the arachnids will start crawling back to the house.

Chemical sprays may also pose threat to the residents of the house and their pets. The chemical contents of these pesticides are harmful not only for spiders but for pets and people as well. This is a vital consideration for families with toddlers and house pets. For them, the use of organic pesticide is more advisable.

Organic spider sprays contain natural materials that can deter spiders away. They work the same way as chemical repellents do. However, they do not pose as much threat to the other creatures as chemical deterrents do. Instead of giving off pungent chemical scents, organic sprays give off flowery or herb-like scents.

While organic arachnid deterrents look after the safety of the people, they also only provide temporary solution. After a while, the spiders will be back to bother and annoy the house owners.

Another prevalent alternative way to get rid of spiders is the use of electronic spider repellent. This will require house owners to obtain special devices that deter arachnids.  These devices must be installed in areas where spiders are seen crawling.

Unlike the two previously mentioned repellants, this solution doesn’t give off any scents. Depending on the device, an electronic deterrent can scare spiders away by producing vibration or magnetic field. However, to make it work, it has to be plugged in the electricity. Electronic repellent could last for months. Because of that, it promises longer protection against these unwanted guests.  For that, homeowners may soon sleep soundly and deeply.



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