Some Lesser Known Auto Insurance Products

There are a couple of lesser known insurance products that many of the more traditional carries may not offer. The two types of insurance that I’ll be outlining in this article are learner driver insurance and campervan insurance.

Depending on what type of campervan you have, this may not be that obscure or lesser known, at least as being that much different from a typical car insurance policy. The real factors that may determine whether this is a specific campervan or recreational vehicle would be mainly what size it is and what uses it has. If you are driving around a 1970s Volkswagen bus or transporter as a “camper”, but is your daily driver, there is probably not much likelihood that it would be considered in the same category as a larger vehicle that is only driven a few times a year for a week or two at a time.

These factors should also influence the cost of the insurance, especially if the duration for the time of the year that it is driven is minimal. Some insurances will allow this on as a secondary vehicle under the conditions you describe when you setup the policy. This may have some limitations on when during the year you can drive, but an agent can explain this to you.

The other type of insurance is when individuals are learning to drive without the aid of a professional school or at least as they do in the United States a public school. If you are learning to drive with the help of a family member of friend, there may be a specific type of insurance that you can get to cover the vehicle you’re learning in. There may be some special requirements in order to qualify for this including the driving record of the individual that you may have teaching you.

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