Some Info On Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are used in many offices as an organized way of storing important documents in a centralized place. The history of these useful pieces of furniture goes back all the way to 1898 when an inventor named Edwin Grenville Seibels came up with the idea to build the normal vertical filing system we use now. Until his invention, most businesses and organizations used pigeonholes which were lined up against a wall to store the envelopes which held all their important documents. This was proving to be a problem due to the damage caused to the documents by exposure to frequent folding and unfolding, not to mention the human contact, whenever an envelope had to be located and documents removed from it.

Therefore, Seibels decided to come up with a way of having the documents stored without folding them and in a way that was easy to arrange for future reference. The idea went on to become a revolutionary move for businesses as they could now store their important documents in a neat and secured manner. Today, it is almost impossible to walk into an office and not find one of these file cabinets in use. Also, if you want cheap file cabinets for the home, just search online.

The primary materials used to build used file cabinets are either sheet metal or wood. They feature drawers which slide out on what is known as a “thumblatch” and an “outstop” which helps to prevent the drawers from completely sliding out of the cabinet when pulled open.  Often, each separate drawer’s face is labelled to indicate its contents and it also has a handle for ease of use. Another feature most filing cabinets have is a lock which prevents any unauthorized access to crucial business and personal documents.

It isn’t difficult to find filing cabinets for purchase as they are sold all over.

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