Some Ideas about Modern Bathroom Design

If you want your bathroom to look chic and yet offer you simplicity rather than a pump and show, here are a few tips:

  • When you are thinking about design, go for crisp stream line and clean furniture. Consider a cantilevered cabinetry which should be secured to the wall and should be lit sufficient enough to offer a glow to the floor. If the cabinet is made of deep dark rich wood with contemporary design, it will give warmth to the room.
  • Plumbing Edinburgh is a site from where one can get all the information and service regarding plumbing. A white free standing tub will be a perfect focal point in the bathroom which is designed in a modern style.
  • For a contemporary look, the countertop surfaces should be either of glass, concrete, granite, line stone or quartz.
  • Consider tile shapes that will create detail in the pattern of the application. The colour of the material should complement that of the cabinet and the walls.
  • If your budget allows you create a steam shower with body sprays and multiple rain heads. Do not forget to build access panel and a bench to hide the steel.  The shower should have from floor to ceiling a full seamless glass enclosure.
  • The display and clutter should be kept to the minimum for accessories, keep everything clutter free and to the minimum. Bright towels or stainless steel and woods will add a punch. Your towel bars, hooks, door pulls and paper holders should be silver, nickel, chrome or tone.
  • Plumbing and heating Edinburgh is done by professional plumbers as Edinburgh is mostly cold throughout the year, and people there prefer to have steam bath in their bathroom.

To have a well designed modern bathroom be sure to have all the accessories in similar finishes.

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