Solar powered lighting vs traditional lighting

Many homeowners are switching to using solar powered lighting instead of traditional low voltage lighting in their homes exterior lighting. The question is why? Is using a solar powered light that much better than the lights we all grew up using?

Most people choose solar lights because they are trying to be environmentally responsible by lowering their homes electricity use. So one of the first benefits of using solar lighst is that your not using electricity to make them work, which saves you money compared to traditional lights.

But a side effect of using solar lights instead of traditional low voltage lights is that they are very easy for the average homeowner to install. Instead of having to worry about how your going to supply power to your lights and all that entails (such as burying wiring to your lights that are in the middle of your yard so that they can’t be seen) with solar lights you just put them where you want them, place the small solar panel that charges it in the sunlight, and you’re done.

As an example, if you were to place a traditional lamp post at the end of your driveway you would need to put it in place, lay the wiring out for it, bury the wiring in your yard so it can’t be seen, wire it to your home so that it will have power, and put a switch somewhere easily accessible so you can turn it on and off at night. (You can’t just plug in this type of outdoor lighting.) Now if you are using a solar lamp post, you just place it where you want at the end of your driveway and your done. Most solar lights have night time sensors in them so they turn themselves on when it becomes dark so you don’t even need to worry about remembering to turn them on at night.

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