Solar Power Systems for Your Home

Solar power is the cleanest source of renewable energy available.  It is energy that is collected from the sun in the form of heat by solar panels and converted into usable energy to produce electricity.  With technology improving each year, solar power systems are becoming less expensive and more energy efficient.   A solar photovoltaic (PV) system is used to harvest this heat from the sun, and its three main components are solar panels, an inverter and batteries.

Solar Panels

A solar panel is an assembly of several photovoltaic cells.  A photovoltaic cell has an electromagnetic field of positive and negative ions than when agitated by the suns heat, it frees its electrons from the field.  These electrons then flow through a wire connected to the PV system and into your house as direct current (DC).  It is important that your solar panels are installed at the right angle so that they get the maximum exposure possible from the sun’s rays.

Solar Inverter

The solar inverter takes the electricity that comes from solar panels as direct current (DC) and converts them into alternating current (AC).  AC is the type of current that is used in your home.  It is the current that is used in electric outlets where you plug in your electrical equipment and appliances.  Along with transformers and circuit controllers, inverters have the capacity to transform DC into any voltage or frequency that your home requires.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries store the excess power that is taken from the solar panels but not used in your home.  A good photovoltaic system design has the capacity to store power for 5 days without the panels receiving any sunlight.  This is a good back-up system in case it rains for days.  Batteries for solar panels look like car batteries and they are stored as a group of batteries called a bank.  A battery bank could have 20 to 30 batteries depending on the type of battery and required amp capacity of your home.

Solar power is becoming more available to people all over the world.  The technology is improving, they are great for the environment, the prices are dropping, and they pay for themselves in the long run so it is something that we should all strive to acquire for our homes.

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