Solar Power House to Take the Center Stage in 2011?

Solar energy earned much approval and impressive recognition from many consumers over the last few years. One of the evidences would be your solar power house. What’s up for solar energy in 2011 then?

We saw how solar energy entered the scene and took center stage when oil prices went uncontrollably high in 2008 world crisis. Much to our surprise, the government initiated incentives for manufacturing companies and consumers of solar power systems. No wonder it lead to a booming industry with all the developments and even lower prices. How long will such conditions last? What are the forecast this year?

Two advantages and two disadvantages are already seen as to where solar energy is headed this year. On the advantages, many innovations are coming out for this alternative energy source. Boeing will present in the market its latest solar panel which is said to be forty percent efficient than previous panels offered in the market today. That would be two to three times improved than before. Another thing is that prices will go much, much lower this time because of the overproduction in the past years. Many manufacturers poured in billions of investments when the demand dramatically rose at a time. I can say that today is the best time to put up solar power for homes because it’s cheaper but the quality is unmatched.

On the disadvantages now, we can expect some companies to either collapse or to merge with other failing companies. That’s really something serious and won’t be any good for the industry. Another is that governments are also facing economic crisis and incentives they have given might be taken away and you end up paying the cost of purchasing your panels even more.

The forecast about solar energy is a mixed bag. It’s a great opportunity for consumers, of course. For companies, it’s just a phase of belt tightening, I guess.

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